Personal Trainer, Greg Maloney, smiling whilst working out at Armbrust Pro Gym, in Colorado.

About Greg Maloney – Your Personal Trainer in Denver, Colorado

Welcome to American Gainz: Muscle and Fitness! I’m Greg Maloney, your dedicated personal trainer, certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM, certified 2019) and the American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA, certified 2019). As a life-long athlete, I’m no stranger to the transformative power of fitness. Yet, it wasn’t until I hired my own coach in 2018 that I truly grasped the potential of a well-guided fitness journey.

A photo of Greg Maloney, a personal trainer and lifestyle coach in Denver, Colorado, during leg day at Armbrust Pro Gym.

My Journey to Becoming a Personal Trainer

Embarking on my own fitness adventure under professional guidance, I realized how many misconceptions I held about fitness and health. After an enlightening period of unlearning and relearning, I felt compelled to pass on the gift of fitness knowledge to others. Seeing my coach’s passion and how fulfilled he was in transforming lives, I was inspired to become a personal trainer myself.

Full-Time Personal Trainer at Armbrust Pro Gym

Since 2019, I’ve been working full-time as a personal trainer, operating as a sole proprietor at Armbrust Pro Gym in Denver, Colorado. My aim? To help you overhaul your lifestyle and witness the remarkable benefits of an active, balanced life.

Specializing in Addiction Recovery Through Fitness

What sets me apart is my deep-rooted passion for helping those on the road to addiction recovery. In my view, fitness is a powerful tool in achieving sustained recovery, fostering discipline, resilience, and self-belief in the process. I offer personalized fitness programs, coupled with unwavering support and understanding, to those brave individuals embarking on their recovery journey